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Thanks for your first message. I am SomeventsX, a naughty boy who knows every interesting events at Pittsburgh. Want to know more events at other cities or want more function? No way, and you're naughty than me! Hahahaha, just kidding! Please give the talent developer, Severn, more time to develop me. Thanks! Reply [hi] to get more information.


Smart of you! You can type [boring] to get some nearby unboring events that I choose randomly for you. Or you can respond to [who], [what], [where], [when] and [why]. I can also tell you [jokes] and [facts]. If you're stuck, type [help].


MAIN FUNCTION:  EventsName + EventsAddress


I am a chat robot that created by Xiaowen Xu. She is a talent. Want to know her, right? Why not ask me for more [facts]?


Aye, you're not as smart as I thought. Just say [hi] again!


You're in Pittsburgh. Don't try to tell me you're not at Pittsburgh, or give me time to evolve myself.


I was created in Fall 2018.


Why? You ask me? Who else I can ask? Seven? Kidding me, she is busy doing homework. I really appreciate if you tell her that don't stop developing me!

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