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Problem statement: I am designing this solution for all my friends who stay alone in an apartment. Many times when they are out for college, they get worried what if someone tries to break into their apartment. Hence, I am designing a solution for them so that they can keep a check on their home safety. If someone tries to enter their house, they will be notified about it via their phones. This way, they could take immediate action as well.

Goals: I am trying to design a device which would be right next to the door and will be activated by the owner once he leaves the house. It will be directly linked to his phone so that he could be notified as and when someone tries to enter his/her house.


  1. Photon home alert system - by Shawn Osborne and Tracy Easter

  2. College Friendly Security system- by Aidia Naim, Thomas Joyce and Babiker Suliman

Process: Since this was the very first IoT project I was doing, I started with a very basic circuit and code and built upon it as I progressed. The first phase included having only PIR sensor and a LED which glowed when the sensor detected someone. Once this worked out properly, phase 2 included implementing a Piezo buzzer as well to add to the output. The third phase included giving it a more visual appeal. It was done by replacing the normal LED with an RGB LED which was green when no person was there but turned red and buzzed when it detected a person. 

Outcome: The final bill of material consisted of following parts:

  • PIR sensor
  • Breadboard
  • Particle Photon microprocessor
  • Jumper wires
  • Piezo buzzer
  • Resistors

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