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To be honest, I had much greater expectations from my work and the chatbot itself. The original goal was to create a chatbot that can get your address from you and recommend you a variety of shows to attend while being a big Frank Zappa fan.

I tracked down a couple of APIs to transform and gather the necessary information such as Songkick API to search concerts, Spotify API to find songs by the artist playing in the recommended shows, Nominatim API to figure out where you are and Giphy API to send the user GIFs. Most of this capabilities are still intact within the code and can be utilized through a web browser. 

I followed a bottom-up approach. I first figured out the capabilities I would like to have and did research some on suitable APIs. I created necessary functions and made sure they work on their own, which they still do. Then I tried to take what I have created, to the chatbot environment. 

Unfortunately, as with all coding projects, things have a high tendency of not working out in the end. Due to various bugs that I discovered while testing with SMS messages, I had to strip down some of the more complex capabilities to make a simpler and almost-bug free chatbot.  

As Johnny Restless would say "It's a work in progress!"

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