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Writing a diary is so difficult for most of people., and nowadays it is becoming more and more difficult for Fickleness. The concept of Memo is trying to help users finish their dairy through  naturally chatting, just like with an intimate friend. It dissolves the fear and boredom of keeping an endless diary by spontaneous chatting about daily events, and help users finish the dairy unconsciously


Memo will help you reflect on the day  by asking questions like "What's the weather like today?" , "What have you finished today?",  "Have you exercised today?". It may also send you some poetic quotes to help you make conversations with yourself and progress day by day.


The process of chatting with Memo is more like talking to a monk or priest. It not only asks you question about daily lives, but also asks questions in buddhist mood to bring you Meditation and Reflection. Most of time it may only ask you a simple question, but you will be overcome by thought.


Memo is not chatty but can always bring you surprise. Memo speaks less but when talking is more like the process of encouraging yourself to face life and release pressure. It sometimes sends you pictures about nature, about far away distance, which will also make your mind quiets down,  out of annoying surroundings.

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