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In the future, I might recommend some functional improvements, such as adding more colors, more personality, and maybe more support for things like emoji (special response dialogue for emoji-only mode, or representing the results with a certain number of hint emoji rather than "You have 1 color in the wrong spot").  Maybe further down the line, a two-player version would allow one person to select a code for another.  I think the most appreciated thing would be being able to handle guesses more smoothly, either with or without spaces, with commas, or with other spelling corrections.  The emoji menu on an iPhone, for example, doesn't have a space bar, so users have to switch back to the regular keyboard just to insert the space.

There are advantages and disadvantages to turning games like Mastermind into zero-UI interfaces.  On one hand, it doesn't require any command line knowledge or programming knowledge like the GitHub precedents did.  On the other hand, it can be fun to play with the physical pieces of the game, or to see the actual board which can be simulated in the command line but doesn't appear in texts.  The lack of SMS font color variability and the varying space in message screens made this impossible to do, but maybe a future student will find a clever way to do this.

Finally, thanks to Daragh Byrne for providing the code for interacting with Twilio via message and media and helping to debug the code to work with the existing methods provided by Jonathan Yiv (  It was fun to work on implementing an old game in a new way.

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