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Originally, I was planning on putting sequences of four colors from a wider palette back into the game.  Feedback from users indicated that they were more concerned about the bot's personality, some confusing responses and instructions, and general "quality of life" improvements such as interpreting emoji and using abbreviations rather than requiring colors typed out in full.  Instead of putting more colors in, which was easy enough to do at this point, or generalizing the length of the secret code or the the number of turns in the game, I chose to focus on providing more conversational responses than I had intended when I completed a "Bot Personality" activity earlier in the design process.

There were some challenges in understanding the starting point in GitHub, as well as translating it to an SMS-compatible program by implementing Twilio.  Credit goes to Daragh Byrne for suggesting the use of session variables to store information about the game, which made retrieving the information a lot easier.  I was worried that I would have to use a bunch of flags to determine how far the user was into a game, which would have been cumbersome to keep track of while debugging.

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