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apple allows you to simulate conversations you could have or have had with your partner. With apple one can build a greater understanding of their partner and relationship through conversation. 

apple is designed for an individual to simulate a conversation based on a topic that could become an argument between that individual and their partner. For the purposes of this exercise, I will look at only one situation; when an individual’s partner makes plans for them without asking them beforehand.

apple function as a SMS bot via Twilio. Each conversation consists of four participants: the user, the apple bot (introduces you to apple and provides help), a simulated partner bot (named Chris), and a mediator bot.

A user is first introduced to the purpose of the bot and the scenario the user is supposed to imagine themselves in for the purposes of the simulation. Once the simulation begins, the mediator suggest a basic framework for conversation (based on Pangaro’s CLEAT model) and provide relationship advice (based on research, literature, etc…).

The bot utilizes Dialogflow to understand what users are saying, if they are successfully addressing the CLEAT model, and what advice is the most relevant.

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