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Retro games were glitchy and weren't really intricate as their modern counterparts but they had an organic warmth and simplicity to them. They were usually operated by 6 buttons and a joystick, sometimes even less. Yet they were able to make thousands of kids spend numerous hours and a lot of coins just to play couple more rounds. The friendly competition they provided by allowing Player vs. Player gameplay and incorporating leaderboards made them even more addictive. 

So with Trivia Fighter; which initially started as a voice-activated Alexa skill that I tried to develop just to make my daily chores more enjoyable, I tried to replicate the retro gameplay experience. As I moved on with the project I realized that text messages would be a better medium for a game like this and migrated most of my work to a new project; Trivia Fighter Turbo, which I now plan to play to during my daily commute rather than daily chores. 

If we look at today's trivia games that can be found on each and every platform, Trivia Fighter Turbo is quite simple. It doesn't have hotlines, money prizes or crazy visual effects. It just uses the relatively small command set to present you a simple but robust gaming experience. 

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