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Final form of the project turned out to be really cool. I actually played it during my trip for the mini break!

You can start a new game, answer as much questions as you possibly can, get your name on the leaderboard and actually see how you did compared to other people. 

One thing that was added in the final stages is the time limit for answering questions. The first prototype didn't have any time limits on answering questions but the final version now checks if you answered a question under 2 minutes. If you exceed that while answering a question, you automatically lose the game. 

Given more time the question engine can be extended to ask true false questions, questions with different scores depending on their difficulty or ask questions that progressively get more difficult. 

Final Command List: New Game, Next Question, Answer is A, Repeat Question, Rules, Leaderboard, End Game, Current Score

Technologies Involved: Ruby, Sinatra, Dialogflow, Twilio, Heroku, Postgres, httparty, 

You can check the screenshots and the video to get an idea of the gameplay. 

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