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As mentioned above, if I had time, I would want to implement Google's Natural Language API. Since the main objective of the chatbot was to infuse a sort of anthropomorphic relatable personality into the Rover, the NL API would have been really helpful. 

I also would want to make sure that the easter eggs are more apparent to the user. Right now, I supply a list of things that you can ask about, but if you deviate from that path, you may or may not get a surprising/fun answer. Ideally, I would want to always have an answer and almost never show the error message, but it's difficult to anticipate what users will ask. If I had more time, I would do multiple rounds of user testing and see what different people want to know - especially coming from a kid, a teacher, a regular working adult, etc.

Overall, I was pleased with outcome of the chatbot, and would hope that it could be some sort of educational tool that would engage and entertain people who would like to learn more about Mars.

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