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A precedent product is Call Frank, a bot will call you at a time every day and record what you say, but it is not accepting new users now. Journally is designed for those who want to record something about their life but are not active enough to do it every day, so the chatbot could make journaling an interactive process that takes them only 2-3 minutes. The bot will send SMS to users through Twilio. Users’ responses will be stored in the database and users are allowed to retrieve records of journals from the cloud with an input of date or phrases. This application provides a convenient way for the users to take a note on their daily life, it is not for people who already have the habit of journaling but for people who want to start journaling, so minimal information is better in this case. It can also be used by some people who want to simply keep track of their mood as a method to observe mental health.

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