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Many examples that speak to the potential use cases of voice assistants in our kitchens. The two that show the two precedents that emerged are the new Google Assistant Cooking Experience and the All Recipes Alexa Skill.

01. Google Assistant Cooking Experience:

This new feature works in tandem with smart displays allowing a voice-driven and controlled step by step experience coupled with a graphic display of information such as recipe quantities and detailed step information/imagery. This new feature has been met with praise by technology press as it is one of the first compelling use cases of a VUI and Smart display interface.

02. All Recipes Alexa Skill

While this Alexa skill leaves a lot to be desired it offers up and interesting approach to finding recipes. It leverages the vast AllRecipes databases to provide users with recipe steps and details and allows users to request recipes and supporting information to be texted to them, a function which inspired the reveal process of Sous.

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