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There has been a movement amongst governments to incorporate chat bots as an alternative interface for public services. Most of these bots are built on top of the framework of a website to provide more efficient ways for citizens to get to the web pages they need to go. Examples include:

  • "Emma" for the US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) 
  • "Open Data KC" for Kansas City
  • "Alex" for the Australian Taxation Office
  • "PMC" for the Pune Municipal Corporation in India
  • "MISSI" for Mississippi State

On the other hand, there has been few chat bots that carry real governmental services or intelligent interactions. An example would be PAIGE, built in early 2018 by Yeti, that is designed to automate the procurement process for city staff in the City of San Francisco. 

Seeing this opportunity, I want to build a bot that does task beyond navigation but providing real insights and services to the citizens.

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