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Birth of Anne was heavily inspired by an automated telephonic service called Call Frank. Call Frank calls its users everyday at the same time to let them record daily moments with voice.

I found the concept of Call Frank very interesting, but there were some limitations, such as voice only input in public space and lack of specific prompts to guide journaling, that I wanted to improve with Anne.

Anne helps its users privately record their personal feelings and memorable moments by chatting with her via text messages. Each day, Anne provides various daily prompts to get users start thinking about what to record, and let users add tags to better organize their diary. For now, users can retrieve last recorded moment or get random moments for surprise, however in the future edition, users will be able to retrieve moments based on the tags, date, or keywords in the recorded text.

Anne is coded in Ruby language in Sinatra environment with various ruby gems, Twilio API, and Postgres database. It is deployed via Heroku.

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