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To take this project forward, I'd like to build out further functionality in terms of what information is accessible, and utilize sessions to determine whether audio should be played in any given response. As was pointed out during our final presentation, the "magic" sound might get a bit grating if users were to ask a string of questions during one period of use, so I would want to minimize or do away with this effect after the first or second response per session. I'd also like to give users the ability to save locations more colloquially, e.g. "mom's house," rather than having to designate a city each time, or tap into the user's Alexa profile to glean the location information automatically.  

I'd also like to try my hand at creating a simple physical computing element; I imagine that the "mystical" nature of the interaction between Cleo and user could be enhanced by some kind of visual component, such as a small "crystal ball" that flashes or lights while Cleo conjures the weather. This would lessen the need for audio during that wait time and could add a further touch of whimsy. 

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