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One of the most challenging aspects of working with Dark Sky's API was converting the returned data into a form that would be appropriate for Cleo's script. For example, the humidity value automatically returns as a decimal between 0 and 1, so that needed to be converted to a percentage (as this is what most users are accustomed to hearing.) This in itself wasn't complicated, but I soon realized that depending on the day, the response would sometimes contain 10 or more decimal places, resulting in a response from Cleo of "it's fourteen point zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero two percent!" These small variables added up to some strange and somewhat erratic behavior.  

After sorting out some of the technical hang-ups, I wanted to fine-tune the experience of Cleo's response to delight users and encourage ongoing use. Following Cleo's initial response acknowledging that she's heard the user's question, a "magic" sound from the Alexa Skill Sound Library plays to indicate that she's "conjuring" the weather. (I initially experimented with a simple pause between these two responses, but the dead silence felt uncomfortable and seemed likely to cause users to question whether the bot was working properly.) 

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