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As the main part of my hack was going to be the temperature sensor, I started by revising the tutorials again for the DB18B20 Temperature Sensor, and trying to work forward from there. I immediately got stumped by the ‘OneWire’ library and ‘Dallas’ control as I downloaded them from links at the bottom of the page. Of course these codes were tailored to certain projects, and sent me on a wild goose chase for links that didn't exist. Lesson one learned. From here I looked closely at each component and piece of code I was entering into my script.

I’d pieced together the temperature code and a little bit of code from the previous LED tutorial, but still had no notion how to link them up, so I decided to progress and try to build the circuit. Luckily sitting beside Christian, who was also doing temperature sensing, I took pointers from what she had built, hacking something together as a base. 

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