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3. User Testing 

Sample conversation testing to refine end conversation   

George [12:52 PM] Hey, you up?

Sleepyhead [12:53 PM] Yup, always. Are you ?

George [12:53 PM] Yeah, I can't sleep

Sleepyhead [12:53 PM] What's keeping you awake?


Sleepyhead [12:53 PM] Hmmmm, do you want to talk about it ?

George [12:54 PM] I want to go to sleep

Sleepyhead [12:54 PM] Well, usually talking about it helps

George [12:54 PM] bark

Sleepyhead [12:54 PM]  I dont quite understand, do you want to be entertained or do you want to talk about it

George  [12:54 PM] I keep being haunted by dreams of a giant dog and I can't sleep without fear of the dog

Sleepyhead [12:55 PM] Well lets dig deeper

George [12:55 PM] dogs dig.... im scared

Sleepyhead [12:55 PM] Maybe it is something from your childhood?

George [12:56 PM] No.but PBS kids was a big part of my childhood the dog is always red and big

Sleepyhead [12:56 PM] I am scared of big dogs too

George [12:56 PM]awwww

Sleepyhead [12:57 PM] clifford was scary

George [12:57 PM] DONT SAY HIS NAME

Sleepyhead  [12:57 PM] whoever thought of making a red dog is crazy

George [12:57 PM] _-

Sleepyhead [12:57 PM] sorry would you like me to do something to distarct you? I can sing you a song or play some calming music or a tedx podcast might help alleviate your fear

George [12:58 PM] I would like to not think about the red thing a song would be nice

Sleepyhead [12:58 PM] alright then, I will sing you a lullaby

George [12:58 PM] i am ready

Sleepyhead [12:58 PM] ba ba black sheep

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