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My main approach was to start with the conversation aspects first. Since this is a dog and there isn't just one function of the bot, I had to take into account that there could be many dialogue options. This was a very interesting and difficult task to take on. I needed to throw in many keywords and after every message output I kept coming up with more and more ways the dialogue could go. 

After I came to an acceptable, yet still in need of work, amount of responses I began to work on the giphy calls. Since this bot is playful it would only be fitting is it sent gifs with the responses. I used the giphy API to determine gifs and even search gifs when the tricks option was given. Many responses had an emotional aspect to them and using gifs it is easier to view what the dog was feeling. 

Another API I used was the twitter API. This allowed me to call upon a certain users tweets and push them to the text message. One thing I could not figure out was how to only get the tweets and not the replies from the timeline. Also using this API, the dogbot was able to send a tweet for you by performing a command. 

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