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IoT Device
A Device that will send you notifications when the inside temperature of the meat has reached the predetermined level. A visual hint also would be provided.

You don’t have to keep on checking the temperature by opening the oven door, inserting a meat thermometer, reading the temperature and repeating the process until the result is achieved.

The connection between the device and the temperature sensor inside the oven. The oven cooking temperature range between 350 t0 450 degree Fahrenheit. Our sensors are not designed for that. So I would be using the temperature sensor on a hot liquid as a prototype concept.

The Device would consist of a temperature sensor as the analog input, digital output as a notification and analog output as a visual hint and a sound warning. The temperature sensor would be sensing the temperature of the inside meat and when it reaches the predetermined temperature set by the user online, the device would be enabled to sent notification via wi-fi to the user and a visual hint via an led light would be given out . The warning sound would be assisting the warning light.

Photon, Temperature Sensor(DS18B20)-1, RGB led light bulb-1, Piezo sound, Bread board, jumper wires, resistors

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