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Inspiration: The Interpretation of Dreams
I draw a lot of inspiration from the book'The Interpretation of Dreams’from Sigmund Freud and prepared a .txt file on symbols of dream and their representations. This is the source of verbal interpretations of dream.

Verbal interpretation: Txt file & IBM Watson’s Natural Language Understanding (NLU) API
Freud was built with IBM Watson’s Natural Language Understanding APIto identify keywords or, in this case, key symbols from users’ description of their dreams, and search from the .txt file for corresponding interpretations.

Visual Interpretation:Unsplash API
To add more color to text messages, Unsplash (an visual image website) API was build in to search for key symbols and find the most relevant image that visualize their dreams.

Dream journal: database
All dreams, interpretations and images are kept in a database. Users can search for past dreams by tying in key symbols. 

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