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1. More Usability Testing

How I decided to match different genre types to different emotions was to do a quick survey - I asked my friend to do the matching. The survey sample could have been bigger if I have more time so that the data would have been more accurate.

2. Better with Random Questions

I can dig deeper into the conversation. For example, "I feel" / "I am" + "{feeling}" can trigger a next step response such as "Why do you feel this way?"

In some usability testing, I observed that users would ignore my onboarding message and text things like "how are you doing?", "what's up" instead of following the instruction. When that happened, Movie Eva does not respond well. I will dedicate more time to polishing the conversation flow, and possibly implement the Dialogflow API. 

3. More Ways to Request a Movie

"I really like history movie. I wish I could just say 'Victoria' and it gives me a movie for that time period."

A user told me what feature she would like to see in my movie bot, and I agreed that the bot can be more versatile in terms of ways of searching. One user was trying to type in a movie's name and then realized the bot did not take name search.  Therefore, exploring how to use the "keyword" search of the movie API is my next step.

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