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2. Dialog Flow

I started with writing down the conversations between Freud and the user, almost like writing a screenplay and I constantly switch the roles and play Freud and the user. The process was incredibly helpful in terms of thinking through the conversation flow. I then conducted usability tests with a few people to test it out. Basically I pretend I am Freud and chat with users and see what might go wrong and what doesn’t make sense in my current flow. Revised dialog flow has taken the following factors into consideration:

Visibility and Error prevention: I want to give users option to request information at key steps in the workflow, and give them options to ‘exit’ to leave unwanted conversations. Error messages were carefully designed to offer a "menu", giving users instructions when got stuck in a workflow. I present users a confirmation option before they commit to the action, asking questions such as "Water was a symbol in your dream, is it correct?"

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