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on_intent("SELECT_DISLIKES") do
    # Access the slots
    slots = request.intent.slots
    puts slots.to_s
    # pull in the users from the amazon.US.FIRST_NAME Slot
    dislikes = request.intent.slots["dislikes"]

    response.should_end_session = false
    session_attributes[:dislikes] = dislikes
    session_attributes[:intolerances] = ""
    session_attributes[:diet] = ""

    # Create an array of greetings to add variation
    confirmations = [" Gotcha, I\'ll filter out recipes with ", " Good to know, i\'ll be sure to avoid "]
    prompts = [" While we are on the subject do you have any allergies? ", "Are you allergic to anything by chance?"]
    # add a response to Alexa using ssml to add pauses
    response.set_output_speech_ssml('<speak>' + confirmations.sample + dislikes + '. ' + prompts.sample + '</speak>')

    # create a card response in the alexa app
    response.set_simple_card("sous", "dislikes")

    # log the output if needed 'dislikes processed'
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