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Release is a tool and community for cancer caregivers that provide them with a platform to express their thoughts and provide words of support and encouragement to other cancer caregivers. The two main functions of Release is the ability to add thoughts and the ability to add words of support to the Release community. I used the metaphor of a forest as my visual representation for Release. Each user has their own personal forest and there is a collective community forest. Each thought is represented by a leaf on the forest ground and each phrase of support is represented by a tree. When a user releases a thought, they receive a leaf which is added to their personal forest and the user has the option to share it with the community forest. When a user adds words of support, they create a tree which is added to the community forest. The user's personal forest is populated with support trees with words of support that other users have added to the community forest. 

The main idea of this application is both to provide a platform to express emotions in a safe space, but also to demonstrate to others that it is ok and good for their mental health to release any emotions or thoughts that might come off negative. To show other cancer caregivers that they are not alone and that these thoughts they may be having that they may feel bad or guilty about happen to other caregivers and that it is ok. 

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