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Users Scenario

It’s my first weekend when I arrived at Pittsburgh from China. Knowing nothing about the new city, I search over Google map and websites to find out some interesting activities for me. But in order to find a sports game, I have to open the sports websites. Or music concerts, I should open specific websites. Most importantly, sometimes I even don’t know where I should go and what kind of activities I really love to go now. I just feel boring and need some fast and random recommendation.

So, I just complain to my bot Soul Wanderer that “I feel boring now.” The bot then gives me some nearby entertainment activities immediately according to where I am now. Its response includes the activity’s name, time and address. If this one is not my cake, I can change to another choice randomly. Although it does not depend on accurate searching, it meets my need for immediate nearby activities recommendation. After all, this bot is a good way to kill off boring time immediately.

Bot Biography

Just as she describes in the audio introduction. The bot is a naughty girl who knows every interesting thing around your location. She is not very obedient. On the opposite, she is sometimes mean and maverick, which will give users some random surprise.

Sketch (Credit to myself: Xiaowen Xu)

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