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  • First I looked at using RFIDs, but was advised against using that sensor as it can be difficult to work with due to security settings. I ended up using the Hall Effect US5881 and a magnet and started research how to set it up on a breadboard. It was small and really easy to work with.
  • Next I set up my sensor as input in D2 and my LED as OUTPUT in D0. I used 1,000 ohm resistors for both the Hall Effect and the LED. To make sure my circuit was working, I blinked my LED.
  • I wrote the following pseudocode to help plan my code and then looked online for sample content. I only had to make minor adjustments to get the code to perform the way I wanted.
  1. //Hall effect sensor detects a magnet
  2. //Turns on LED light
  3. //Sends a text message to roommate "Hey roomie, I'm home!"
  4. //Manually able to switch the light off

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