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I really enjoyed this project. I learned a lot about how to both program and prompt from people simple yet fun interactions with a bot. I wanted to play with the element of trust and what that feels like to trust (or not) a computer. I experimented with whether or not to tell players the odds that the computer is lying. I decided that element of discovery took too much time during gameplay and that it was more fun to know immediately what the odds are of truth-telling.

Some of the elements I used in my code to achieve the state machine are not best practice. I over-relied on global variables and should have used sessions to keep track of my persistent qualities. I also was not entirely consistent with the way that I delivered the value of the cards to the player. However, I am very happy with the completeness of the interactions and I have not found a way to break the code (yet). 

Overall I feel like I learned a lot and ended up with a fun little game that helps pass the time. 

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