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Angry Bus helps when...

Users: Those hard-working students (almost all of them) at Carnegie Mellon University.

Scenarios: The final week at CMU is crazy.

#1: It is a typical workday night in final week at CMU. Jacob and his teammates are devoting their hearts deeply into the final project. Like what we do for group discussion, Slack is their top choice for team collaboration. Sometimes when the work session begins, you never know when to stop and how. Here comes Angry Bus, the smart bot will knock Jacob via a DM saying "Ready to home?" by providing a list of latest buses. Usually, the latest bus is 10 minutes away (walking distance) from him. Because of such a perfect timing, Jacob stands up without hesitation and catches the bus right on time. After Jacob's home, the bot asks him to send a "safely home" emoji within the channel, which makes his teammates feel assured about his safety during the trip.

#2: When studying in the Hunt Library, Jamie usually packs her backpack when there's a bus coming. However, even her Transit App can tell her when is the next bus home, she doesn't know when it's the perfect timing to catch it. So here comes Angry Bus, the Slack bot knocks Jamie when the right bus comes nearby. Thankfully, she will not bother checking her apps from time to time or missing the last bus in the end.

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