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Write about the big ideas behind your project? What are the goals? Why did you make it? What are your motivations?

"It is so frustrating when I forget to schedule time for laundry pickup" - Connie

Connie is a 23 year old female living with roommates in Brooklyn. She commutes 40 minutes to work every day and loves living in the city. However, when I started to talk to Connie about frustrations she experiences, she quickly mentions how much she hates the process of doing laundry. In New York City, it is a luxury to have in building laundry and the closest laundromat is at least 15 minutes away. This is why she resorts to laundry service, but she would have to remember to call ahead and be at home when they pick up her laundry. She tries to do her laundry at least once every three weeks in the winter but often forgets coordinate time ahead of time for pick up before her laundry bag gets too full. 

Through leading a Co-Design exercise, we brainstormed potential ideas and outlined her main pain points. It is my goal to come up with a simple and "magical" solution that would potentially make scheduling laundry less painful. 

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