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I took inspiration from sites such as Ada-fruit, Arduino and Instructables. I loved seeing what others have made although I didn't come across a project attempting to set laundry reminders.

 My project is essentially broken down into three pieces:

1. Need sort of sensor that would detect the weight of laundry bag or distance to the top. (Originally, I wanted to use a load cell for 10Ib, but I decided that I would need to be detecting a large enough surface area) 

2.  A way to measure the distance to the top of the laundry hamper and a way to document it so it would trigger an action once it gets to a certain distance

3. A way to then connect and send the user a reminder 

While building the circuit I encountered different issues:

1. I had to try and compare different sensors, but ultimately I chose to use the SHARP distance sensor 

2. Calibration error. I soon realized that the results I was getting for distance would be huge numbers that did not make much sense. Hence I had to come up with a formula to convert the values to a scale that is legible. 

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