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  1. Identified the problem
  2. Searched for relevant work
  3. Built rough circuit: a servo, a sensor, and a button. Applied existing codes from reference sources.
  4. Adjusted codes for each part
  5. Removed button
  6. Added codes so that two parts are communicating
  7. Added LED to indicate servo move
  8. Adjusted codes to reset sensing counts
  9. Added button back in
  10. Adjusted codes to use button to manually reset sensing counts
  11. Added RGB LED to indicate counts, and adjusted codes
  12. Adjusted codes

The biggest problem I met was to make the codes work. Every time the codes were realizing some functions but not all of them, so I have to adjust them over and over again. I also struggled to decide if I should let the system automatically reset the counter or should I manually reset it. In one version I used both but that was a mess, so I just decided to manually reset it. 

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