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Next Steps and Reflection

The simple LEDs would be replaced by Neopixel Ring that would have the breathing effect when it is glowing and it would be enclosed in a casing taking the form of a coaster.

The FSR sensor would be replaced by a more accurate weight sensor to measure the intake of water in a day and adjust reminders accordingly. The data would also be used to give insights to the user about their hydration.

Additional sensors to measure humidity and temperature can be combined to give better recommendations to the user to suit their hydration needs.

The API from other fitness trackers would also refine recommendations and data from the coaster would be exported to other applications used by the user.

The form of the coaster would be very important to the product, it should not feel out of place when place on the desk among other things and the light should not be too bright to create a distraction and too dim to remain unnoticed. The cup being placed on the coaster would also be a factor during the design process.

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