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Awkwardness of silence and boredom are inevitable in most relationships. Our group intends to utilize the Internet of Things to promote an engaging environment through gamification. The devices of the users will be connected through the internet as each person will control the other person’s score. The game will be centered around an object that each person is expected to imitate in a given time interval. The object will be programmed to demonstrate the motions to the users. As each player imitates the object, the other player will decide on whether the movement was sufficient for the actor to earn a point. If either player believes that they can’t do one of the moves, they can wave and the object will interpret the motion as a “skip” through a distance sensor.

Once the players finish the game, the winner gets a turn of “Truth or Dare”. By doing so, the device will break awkwardness with new acquaintances when allowing them to ask questions that get them to initiate a conversation or get to know each other. Otherwise, in established relationships, the device will create an entertaining environment and eliminate boredom.

As the questions run, the device will emit different colors to indicate the player who is expected to play. In addition, it will play engaging music to entertain and motivate the players.

Ultimately, the device aims to promote social interactions by breaking awkwardness of situations. The prevalence of this situation makes it relevant to many settings. This idea could be implemented at homes as a form of entertainment as well as at schools, counseling offices, and waiting rooms in order to promote a more engaging and social interaction amongst people and devices.

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