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In the interest of education, profession or projects, many people live far away from their loved ones. Often when caught up with life, we tend to get so busy that it seems impossible to take out any time to stay in touch. Moreover, we always think twice before making a phone call so as to not disturb others assuming that everyone is always busy. On numerous occasions, even if there's nothing to talk about, a small gesture of letting someone know that they are being missed is more than enough to communicate the love and affection for them.

Living pictures is a connected social photo frame that augments a regular photo frame placed on a desk or hanging on a wall that enables its users to touch the picture and send a simple message to the ones they love that they miss them and are thinking about them. To the other side of the interaction, a simple breathing light which is glanceable in the periphery works as a reminder that there's someone out there who is missing them.

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