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Our creative project is to help friends/couples connect with each other in a subtle and fun way. There will be 64 LED pixels (8x8) attached in this installation. Each person can light up 1 pixel a day to make a drawing together. If one person stops responding for over a day, the lights on both sides will be turned off and the game will start over. If either side feels the drawing is completed, they can press the button to stop and restart the game, and at the same time, the drawing will be archived and sent to both sides as a memory. The little cubic stature can be a nice decoration on your desk, as well as a vessel to carry social interactive experiences. With Pixel Away, friends or couples who are far from each other can be just pixels away through shared experience on the same canvas.

Slow Game designed by Bertran is our inspiration for PixelAway. Other than the romance of Slow Game, Pixel Away is a social game that involves two people to play. Users can be friends, lovers, and families. (

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