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Our team went through numerous iterations on this project idea, revolving around problems such as social isolation and lack of communication. However, we had difficulties matching the user needs and the connected device (form, feature, interaction) and finding a compelling IoT product. 

Primary Research

After several iterations, we decided that we needed to test our ideas with potential users. We conducted multiple interviews to explore user needs at a deeper level and A/B testing to test out some of our features for the respective need. In the end, the potential users responded most positively with our most recent project pivot, so we decided to move forward with a product for healthy relationship conflict. 

Problem Validation

Based on our interviews, we noticed that potential female users had stronger positive responses than male interviewees. Many of them responded that they tend to turn passive aggressive or not express their true upset feeling up front. They expressed their wish for their male partners to "just know" their upset feelings even though it is obviously difficult when there is no communication between them. We saw this as an opportunity to pursue this problem as our target. 

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