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Hardware Design

The first challenge we had was to figure out how to design the devil horns' motions. We discussed several options: gradual upward motion based on the count of touch sensor activation, simple binary upward motion, simple binary separate sideways motion, binary sideway motion. We evaluated our options based on the economy of the components required and potential safeguard for failure. We decided that the binary sideway motion would allow us with the maximized effectiveness and efficiency of the hardware requirement. This motion also gave a quirky, cute look to the devils, so it was a great addition to our goal.

Circuit Building

This device requires a fairly simple circuit. The main components used for this device are Servo, which controls the quirky horn motions, and FSR pressure sensor. For our convenience and efficiency, we added a LED light to signify the proper workings of the circuit, although this does not contribute to the actual operation of the device.

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