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In retrospect this project was pretty easy but a necessity in my apartment complex. I found roadblocks to completion that required new information to fix:

On and Off states: First lesson is if I want to use switches, I will use mechanical switches. Effectively using switch statements were complex "if" statements that would work under some conditions and not others. with some help I was able to find that using the "!=" and currentState variables can help you easily vary the between on and off. 

Sampling: Not having the serial port available can be hard but its not impossible to get around. To get the threshold value for sampling I needed ambient hallway noise. This was impossible to get since I have no internet at home. So I got ambient institute noise. Once I was able to get a good average over 5 quiet minutes I checked the St Dev and added it in.

This project has helped me gain skills in gathering real world data to use in my devices. In the future I'd love it if the device could learn it's surroundings and let me know what an ambient level of noise is.

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