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Our current studio is a highly stressful environment. We come to the studio for meetings, individual work, team projects, and we spend most of our work time in this space. Despite it being a highly productive space, we often burn out, and our productivity deteriorates significantly over time. 

The studio doesn't have to be such a negative environment, and Harmoniiize can make the change. Harmoniiize allows anyone to express their feelings, identity, and creativity through improvising music, and de-stress from all the work happening in the studio. In addition, Harmoniiize allows users to collaborate with others on making music, allowing them to connect with each other at another level through the non-verbal, musical communication. Harmoniiize is a musical oasis in the studio, which heals us and recharges us.

How It Works

Similar to Theremin, Harmoniiize's gesture and distance sensors detect and sense the gestures. Horizontal movement determines the notes of the sound, and vertical movement decides the octaves. Harmoniiize has five distinctive classical instruments' sounds: flute, violin, piano, cello, contrabass. The selection of the instrument types is determined by the feelings of studio users gauged by Feel-O-Meter as noted below.

Feel-O-Meter Indication

Harmoniiize Instrument

Very Happy








Very Sad


Once a user finishes making the music, he/she would press the button to indicate the completion of the session, which would trigger Harmoniiize to upload the music file to communal MIIPS SoundCloud which opens possibilities for remaking and collaboration. 

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