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Future Applications & Vision

In the near future, we envision a truly interactive music experience for people to relax and have fun in the studio. 

In specific, we envision to achieve the following functionalities:

1. Gesture recognition not limited to hands on a limited area. Ideally, a person does not have to be limited by only hands gestures or a limited area. The person can utilize his/her whole body to perform movements similar to dance moves to create music. This requires movement sensor similar to Microsoft's Kinect, which is capable of identifying movements in a large area.

2. Gestures recognition can recognize multiple people's movements simultaneously for melody generation. Currently, the station cannot multitask. Due to the limitations of the distance sensor, only one point of input can be recognized. In the future vision, multiple people's gestures can be recognized, and the social bonding will be the key element of the station, as the group of participants needs rapport to achieve harmonious outcomes.

3. Leverage music data stored in the database for friends to collaborate, edit and retrieve. 

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