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Feel-O-Meter: Feel-O-Meter is an interactive device for feeling and feedback expression. 

How we interact

Feel-O-Meter displays the average feedback or feeling of the students exiting the studio via five different icons and matching color LED lights. Harmoniiize receives the feedback data from Feel-O-Meter and translates them into five different types of musical instruments. 

Why we connect

The common ground between Feel-O-Meter and Harmoniiize is that both projects aim to provide students with an outlet to express their feelings. Harmoniiize would provide Feel-O-Meter with an additional channel for students to be informed on the feeling/feedback, as Harmoniiize would embody and reflect the student's feelings at the time.

Bump: Bump is a connected treasure hunt project which transforms the entire studio space to an interactive interface. 

How we interact

When Harmoniiize is activated by a user, Bump would receive the data that IMS is on and turn on its lights around the studio. The lights function as the messengers to users in the studio that someone is de-stressing with Harmoniiize, encouraging them to participate and socialize. 

Why we connect

We saw that Bump and Harmoniiize projects share a common vision to transform the studio space to a fun, positive one from a dull, boring one of today. Through this collaboration, we expect to create a synergy, which would help both projects reach the goal effectively and successfully. 

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