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What is Feel-o-Meter? (Concept)

Feel-o-Meter is an interactive feedback device designed to help people express how they are feeling. This idea has proven successful by HappyOrNot ( , a Finnish company that makes these customer satisfaction measurement terminals. While the mechanism is simple, it has proven the be impactful as the volume of data points is significantly higher than any other form of customer satisfaction survey.

Our product has 5 buttons, each representing an emotional scale from Very Happy (Blue) to Very Sad/Frustrated (Red). The device would be installed by the exit of classrooms/studios with a neopixel strip bordering the nearby door. When a button is pressed, the lights illuminate to signal that a person’s feelings have been heard; and the color of the lights represent the average emotion of all the presses. This helps to protect an individual’s feelings, while showcasing how the group is feeling as a whole.

Give Feel-o-Meter a push, take a breath, release... and watch the lights breathe back.

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