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How Can Feel-o-Meter Help You? (Future Applications)

While similar products exist in other high traffic contexts (airports, public bathrooms, etc.), Feel-0-Meter differentiates itself from other devices by providing instant feedback to users when a button is pressed; the breathing lights around the doorway/exit comfort and confirm that their feelings are being heard. Additionally, Feel-o-Meter also triggers various calls-to-action (CTAs) tailored to specific contexts; for example, in class/studio settings, Department Coordinators receive a message when majority of the cohort is stressed.

Feel-o-Meter can be applied to other educational settings beyond universities, especially for grade levels where students may not be able to successfully articulate how they are feeling (K-12).  

Additionally, Feel-o-Meter may also be useful at offices or workspaces to track employees' feelings and engagement. 

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