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In order to build my solution, I decided to incorporate 2 sensors: a Soil Moisture Sensor HL-69 and a Tilt Sensor AT407. Since I have never worked with these two sensors before, it was necessary to do some research to learn they work in practice and in code.  

I reviewed different code samples of how the 2 sensors worked. Then, I incorporated and combined snippets of code I found (in resources below) into my own code, to execute my desired actions. It was challenging to decide which snippets of code to incorporate, since I had to look up every syntax to understand what the code is doing first.

In the beginning, I didn't have a systematic way to format my code, so whenever my code did not work it was hard to troubleshoot. To make sure I could narrow down on what was not working in my code, I decided to write a pseudo code first. Then, every time an action executed successfully I checked it off and moved in. This helped me troubleshoot much faster. 

After I was able to get the code and circuit board working, I logged every time the plant was tilted on Google Spreadsheet through IFTTT.

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