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Keeping a plant’s water level satisfactory may be difficult to judge from just the appearance of the soil. With this IOT device, the soil-moisture level is easily visible by a red ( unsatisfactory ), green (satisfactory) or blue (very hydrated) LED and the exact measurement is logged in a spreadsheet where the plant owner can make sure the doing well. If the plant’s moisture level is below the set satisfactory level (may depend on the type of plant) and shines the red LED, an SMS notification will be sent to the plant owner’s mobile device reminding them to water the plant every ten minutes.

When the user is home, the plant owner can interact with the plant. By pressing a button, if the plant has an adequate water level, the plant will light up, play a tune, and swivel around to demonstrate it is a happy plant. If the water level is below satisfactory, a bad tone will be played and the plant will not dance around.

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