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Plants are often overlooked, forgotten and taken for granted. Considering the number of plants we kill everyday by failing to water them, the project aims to build a product that provides the owner with a subtle reminder to nourish these creatures, nudging them to water them through sound and light signals. The intention of the project is to build a relationship between the plant and the owner to ensure the plant's healthy growth and connect to its emotions through human touch.

The solution was designed around the idea that owner should be reminded to water the plants in a non-intrusive manner. To implement this, the plant interacts only when the owner passes by, and explains the condition of the water level: dry, appropriate or water logged, through sound and light signals.

- If the condition is dry, the plant cries and signals via a red light. This prompts the owner to water the plant.

- If the condition is appropriate for the plant, it stops crying and gives a thumbs up via a green light.

- If the plant becomes dank, it starts crying again and signals a blue light, nudging the owner to stop watering.

- This information is also sent across to the owner via sms if they are not around the plant.

Furthermore, to create an emotional bond between the plant and the owner, the product introduces the concept of human touch. When the owner touches the plant pot, the crying ceases, hence making it feel better.

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