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What ideas did I generate and how did you I refine or reject them? What did I research and explore? what were the design choices? What challenges were encountered and how did I resolve them?

I did initially thought about using a soil moisture sensor, however, from my previous experience with using a rain sensor module, I know that the sensor anti-rust surface deteriorates after some time. So I decided not to use a soil moisture sensor. Also, my best memory growing a plant was getting closer near it every day. I wanted to augment getting closer to the plant with pleasurable sense and experience.       

Below are the Challenges I faced: 

  • Sporadic PIR sensor reading (this is still a problem, I fixed this by having. a lower threshold value) 
  • Servo continuously running 
  • I was trying to add timezone to my code (my initial project idea is to open the perfume box early in the morning at a specified time, I googled and tried to learn from the particle library, but I couldn't get my servo rotating. I couldn't debug this problem).   
  • Getting a melody for the plant. I tried adding melody inside the code, but due to time constraints, I saved this for later. 

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