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While state of the art machinery is available in the market. My device provides a solution to farmers/ growers that are in the initial stages of hydroponics.

My device provides a means to inform the user when the water level is low without having to open the system or continuously monitor the system.

When the water levels are ideal the LED light glows green. Since all is well in the system this information is relayed only when the user wants to know this information and does so by glancing at the light.

However, when the water levels are low the information to be relayed is more urgent. For this purpose, I have used sound to grab the user's attention. There are two levels of sound. When the water goes bellow level 2 (the higher level) the piezo emits a sound that grabs the user's attention but is not very urgent. The second sound is emitted when the water level goes below level 1. In this case, since the water level is too low the sound emitted is more urgent.

The water level information is available to the user in a google spreadsheet. This information can be used to detect the trends in the timings at which the water levels are low. It is also helpful in calculating the rate at which the water is being consumed by the plants.  

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