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Taking Care of Your Mini Cactus - Lesson 101

Like most plants, Cacti use photosynthesis for generating its energy and store their own supply of water. A mini-cacti requires about 4 hours of direct sunlight daily. Without adequate sunlight, cacti become thin and sickly. 

Wait, but... how do I know it's getting enough sunlight or not?

Don't worry. The Cactus Buddy is here to help you take care of your mini cactus in several ways:

1. Provide real-time feedback on the intensity of the sunlight (direct sunlight / low sunlight / no sunlight)

     --> so you'll know where might be the best location to place it

2. Provide daily notification on how much direct sunlight it has been exposed to

    --> so you'll know whether it has gotten enough direct sunlight for the day

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